We are IT Professionals to serve for IT Professionals

We find various kinds of information technologies and services on the cutting-edge, develop our own ideas of how to utilize those technologies to the best, build our own original business models to promote those technologies and services in the market, and deliver them into the market through our business and technology partners.

We are now working to prepare a few business plans to start with, and will introduce you those plans here on this web site in a couple of weeks.

The followings may suggest you what we can offer:

  • We have good understanding of various kinds of virtualization technologies.
  • We have good experience to have been engaged in development of large-scale systems for mission critical business processes.
  • We love to work on the various kinds of cloud platforms.
  • We are good at porting legacy systems onto the cloud platforms.
  • We are now working to organize our own multi-national engineering team (Japanese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, etc.) .